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Medication mistakes are more likely to occur in nursing home facilities than other healthcare environments and failure to recognize illness and refer the patient for appropriate treatment. This is because most residents in nursing homes are on one or more forms of prescription medication due to their age and related health conditions. Furthermore, these medications are often dispensed by “Med Techs,” whose purpose is to administer medicines prescribed by attending doctors. 

Unfortunately, Med Techs can be poorly trained or make medication errors. Also, nursing homes can engage in deliberate over-medicating to keep unruly individuals docile and under control. Most mistakes in these incidents do not cause serious harm. However, the effects of medication errors can lead to further health complications, psychological damage, and even death. 

Elder Care Injury, a trusted Utah-based law firm devoted strictly to nursing home abuse and neglect, represents seniors and their families when medication errors or abuse cause them harm. Our accomplished legal team excels in case investigation, claims and lawsuit preparation, negotiation at the settlement table, or litigation in civil court.

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Understanding Medication Errors in Nursing Homes

Medication errors can occur in nursing homes for various reasons, including miscommunication, inadequate staff training, or insufficient supervision. 

Common types of medication errors include:

  • Administering the wrong medication: This can happen when staff members mistakenly give residents incorrect medications, leading to adverse reactions or complications.
  • Incorrect dosage: Administering too much or too little of a medication can have severe consequences for residents, potentially causing harmful side effects or rendering the drug ineffective.
  • Failure to administer medication: When nursing home staff fails to provide residents with their prescribed medications, it can lead to serious health complications or worsening existing conditions.
  • Medication interactions: Failure to identify potential drug interactions can result in adverse reactions or exacerbate existing medical conditions.
  • Administering medications in the wrong method or form. This can make the drug ineffective, cause adverse effects, or compromise patient safety.
  • Medications administered at the wrong times. This can disrupt therapeutic regimens and potentially worsen medical conditions.
  • Giving drugs to patients with swallowing disorders resulting in gagging or choking. This poses a significant risk to overall health. 

The Devastating Impact on Victims

Medication mistakes in nursing homes can have life-altering consequences for victims. These errors can harm or disable residents in many ways. These can range from physical injuries to organ damage or even life-threatening complications. 

Failure to properly provide necessary medications can also cause existing health conditions to deteriorate rapidly, impacting a resident’s quality of life. Medication errors can also cause mental harm, such as distress, anxiety, or depression. 

Recognizing the Signs of Medication Errors

Identifying signs of medication errors is crucial for families to ensure their loved ones receive the care they deserve. 

These signs can vary depending on the situation. They can range from sudden changes in behavior or physical condition to unexplained weight loss or gain, frequent or worsening medical complications, unexplained side effects, or adverse reactions. 

Medication Abuse in Nursing Homes

Medication abuse, particularly the misuse of drugs as chemical restraints in nursing homes, is a concerning issue that compromises the well-being and rights of elderly residents. Various reports and studies have highlighted the inappropriate use of antipsychotic drugs in nursing homes to control residents and manage their behaviors, even when they do not have psychiatric diagnoses. 

Overusing and misusing prescription medications, including antipsychotics, sedatives, and other psychotropic drugs, can lead to serious health risks and adverse effects. This form of medication abuse violates residents' rights and can contribute to physical and psychological harm.

Protect Your Loved Ones in Nursing Homes

Prompt action is vital if you suspect medication errors have been made to your loved one in a nursing home. You should keep detailed records of medications administered, adverse reactions, and conversations with nursing home staff about this issue. 

Notify the nursing home administration and relevant regulatory agencies about the suspected medication errors. Governmental entities such as state health departments and regulatory bodies like the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)  play a crucial role. These organizations have been created to ensure compliance with safety standards and investigate allegations of neglect or abuse.

If you believe the issue is not adequately addressed, you should seek guidance from Elder Care Injury to understand your rights and options. 

We understand the intricacies of nursing home abuse and neglect cases, including medication errors. Our dedicated team of attorneys can represent you in claims and lawsuits for compensatory damages for what your family member has suffered. We bring experience and compassion to support victims and their families through these challenging times.

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